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Big Day Out - 2013

The Annual BIG Day Out Festival Kicked off in Sydney this year with a few changes following a structural change of the festival organisers and their Merger with C3 Presents.

The traditional Australia Day Sydney Big Day Out was brought forward a week but this did nothing tp prevent the corwds arriving en masse with the show a complete Sell Out.

The weather forecasters promised a hot day and it ended up being the hottest day on record in Sydney with temperatures reaching an unbeliebable 45c.

The crowd was a real mix of ages from teenagers at their first BDO to trhe older crowd who came to see the headline acts. In fact I was surprised to think that I first saw The Red Hot Chilli Peppers for the first time 20 years ago at The Hordern Pavilion.

The day started off well and The Boiler Room, No Noise Nightclub, and the Lilypad stages seeing a lot of crowd action.

Grinspoon a festival favourite hit the main Orange Stage with all the power you would expect from them especially on the back of their new solo album.

On the Green Stage at the same time as Grinspoon was Gary Clarke Jnr whose old school sound reminiscent of 60's rock became the talk of the festival especially in the media room where he made some great fans and received the occasional comparison to Jimmy Hendrix.


Band Of Horses, The Seattle band with a country rock kind of feel hit the Blue Stag at the hottest part of the day and the crowd soaked up their chilled out set.






The Yeah Yeah Yeah's got the crowd in the mood in the late afternoon for the people started to slowly fill the stadium looking to secure their spots headline acts as ...whilst it is not a spot on the bill many would envy they looked they were having a blast...




Having seen The Killers at their intimate 1200 person show on Wednesday night and being blown away I was interested to see how this would translate to a stadium and I was not disappointed. The Killers absolutely rocked and it is as though their songs were written to be played to 50,000 people.

They were happy to play all of their hits which the crowd loved singing along Spaceman, Mr Brightside and the finale When You Were Young .....and whilst there was no encore they managed to play a full set nontheless.

It's a shame our photographer was not allowed to photograph The Killers as the stage show and Brandon Flowers stage presence was amazing.


The Killers Setlist

Mr. Brightside
Smile Like You Mean It
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Miss Atomic Bomb
Bling (Confession of a King)
For Reasons Unknown
Somebody Told Me
A Dustland Fairytale
Don't Dream It's Over (Crowded House cover)
Read My Mind
All These Things That I've Done
When You Were Young


The Red Hot Chilli Peppers bass player Flea and lead guitarist Josh Klinghoffer hit the stage and got the crowd fired up from the first note of Monarchy Of Roses and then joined by Keidis.

Many people seemed shocked by Keidis appearance and it took him a little while to get into the groove with his vocals but once he did the show was great.

THE RHCP played a mix of songs from throughout their career and a few intersting covers but the power and energy from their shows last time in Sydney just did not sem to be there...the crowd loved their whole set nonetheless and who knows when the next time they will be in Australia.










Monarchy of Roses
Around the World
Scar Tissue
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Factory of Faith
Can't Stop
What in the World (David Bowie cover)
Throw Away Your Television
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
Under the Bridge
(Love of Your Life and Long …
Look Around
(Stone Cold Bush tease by Josh as intro)
By the Way
Chad & Mauro & Josh Jam
(The Ocean by Led Zeppelin)
Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder cover)
Soul to Squeeze
Give It Away
Final Jam

With C3 Presents now in partnership with BDO it will be interesting to see how this festival progresses. C3 organise Lollapalooza in The US and South America with Pearl Jam headlining this year so hopefully we can look forward to many more years to come of the BDO with some major artists.