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About Us

Hi and welcome to The Cairns Review where you can find out what live shows and theatre are coming up, read interviews with touring artists, reviews and photographs of live shows.

We aim to keep you informed on everything that is going on in and around Cairns from intimate live venues to large festivals and events and of course the pubs and clubs.

If you know of something coming up, your band is having a gig or you know a great restaurant or bar let us know....


The Cairns Review is an independent group of like minded individuals with a commitment to enlivening the culture of Cairns.

By letting people know what's going on and where in terms of Music, Art And Culture and more importantly what is worth doing and seeing.

If you would like to contribute to our publication we are always looking for keen up and coming writers and photographers...

If you would like your event listed or promoted let us know when and where it is on.....

We look forward to hearing from you all info@cairnsreview.com