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Clare Bowditch


Aria award winng songstress Clare Bowditch will be headlining the 10th Women in Song Cancert at Tanks Arts centre in Cairns on Saturday, 6 March we caught up with her to have a chat about her upcoming album, life on the road and the upcoming Youngcare benefit concert she is curating with Bernard Fanning

You will be performing at Tanks for their 10th anniversary of women in song? Could you tell us a bit about how that came to be?
I first played at the Tank in 2008, and I loved it. I’m really pleased they asked me back!

You played in Cairns in August last year, what draws you to the far North?
I’ve been doing road trips to the far North since I was eighteen – it’s just an extraordinary part of the world.

What is it like to perform at tanks compared to other venues around the country?
The Tank is special – you guys know that! It’s unlike anywhere else!

How do you find the cairns Audience?
Cairns audiences rock: we love them.

You won an ARIA award in 2006 for the Best Female artist award, what did this mean to you personally, professionally and financially?
Personally, it was a real surprise and a great honour, mainly because it is a peer voted award, and my peers and their opinions mean a great deal to me. Professionally, it means my manager gets to write ”ARIA Award-winning” on my press-releases, which FINANCIALLY probably means we get paid a chunk more for some shows.

Berlin has been a fertile ground for ex-pat Australian musicians, most notably Nick Cave as it was in Berlin where The Birthday Party imploded and from its ashes rose The Bad Seeds, what drew you to Berlin?

We just had a feeling we were meant to be there. I knew that I had a different set of songs in me, and I knew Berlin would be the place I could bring them to life. Sounds trippy, but it’s true.

Mick Harvey has been working with you on your new Album, he is a super talented musician how have you found working with him?

Mick Harvey is our hero.

What has Mick Harvey brought to you in terms of your songwriting and recording process?

He’s brought enthusiasm and kindness and a sense of confidence to the recording.

You have three Children under the age of 10 two of which are twins how does being a mother impact on your music, touring commitments and life in general?

Massive massive massive massive questions – it impacts both Marty and myself hugely. They keep us sane and drive us bonkers all in the same five minutes! It’s the only touring life I’ve ever known really. For anyone interested in this topic, may I suggest you get yourself a copy of Rachel Power’s excellent book “The Divided Heart”, where she interview myself and 26 other celebrated Australian mothers. You will LOVE it.

What advice would you have for mothers?

Enjoy your children, and remember your self. Do not stop doing the things you love doing, that things that make you feel most alive: that’s the kind of energy that makes happy families.

Do you have a release date for your new Album yet?

Winter…that’s about as much as I know!

What can people expect of the new album?

Something that means an incredible amount to me: something that I hope will mean a great deal to them. Prepare to laugh, dance, and cry.

How does it feel to be on Island records with bands like The Killers and U2?

AWESOME! Bob Marley, Grace Jones…so many legends! I actually really love it.

You are curating a concert benefit gig with Bernard Fanning for youngcare, how did you become involved in this?

Bernard is always roping me in on his crazy schemes to make the world a better place. I’ve been an informal supporter of Youngcare since singing “Watch Over Me” with Bernard and Kasey Chambers at the 2006 ARIA Awards

Why do you think it is important to raise awareness and funds for youngcare?

If I were, God forbid, suddenly to become unable to care for myself due to injury, I would most likely be put in a nursing home. Currently there are many many young Autsralians, both teenagers and parents, who are in this position, because there are very few assisted living options for young Australians who need full-time care. It’s important this is addresses and turned around. 

Can you give away any more info of who will be playing at this charity gig?

Um, really ace secret people. I CANNNNNOOOOT WAIIIIIT!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully we’ll be managing our children’s first band, whilst recording our own 12th album, and writing several novels from my (yet to be built) glass-house mansion in Melbourne, with bi-annual visits to  our tribe in the far North.

What has been your favorite travel destination? Why?

Amsterdam, because that’s where most of my family live.

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on tour?

Every tour is funny when you’re with my bunch of goons. Honestly, we laugh as much as we possibly can.

What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you on tour?

Getting robbed.

If you could go on a holiday anywhere where would you go?

I’d like to go to the moon for a weekend…
Other than that, Cape Trib.

If you could record with any musician living or dead who would it be?

Marty Brown. He’s the best.

What’s the best thing about being a musician?

Doing what gives you the most joy.

What’s the worst thing about being a musician?

Being away from our home a lot of the time: we DO love it but we hate it too, just all the missing out on birthdays and flowers blossoming in my garden and that kind of thing.

Who has influenced you the most throughout your life and musical journey? WHY/How?

I’m massively influence by my parents, I have to say. They pretty much let us listen to only folk and classical music for much of our early life, until my Mum finally cracked at bought me my first album, which was “Thriller”. Then my sisters introduced me to everything else. But it it’s just one person, it has to be, once again, Marty Brown. He’s very honest, and he pushes me far beyond the place I find comfortable, which I think is actually extremely important for any musician: in any creative adventure, it’s important to be taking risks all the time. That’s when it feels most alive for me.

See ya!

Cb xoxo


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