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British India - Live

Brothers Leagues Club


You could be forgiven for thinking it was the early 1990's at Brothers Leagues club when British India hit the stage there last week.

There was a feeling of angst and testosterone in the air and blokes outnumberd the girls about 30 to 1 and it didnt fell like a cairns crowd it felt very inner Sydney.

The boys from British India hit the stage late but went straight into an absolutely smoking version of Safari... and the Moshpit went absolutley crazy, and it stayed that way for the whole night.

Translating their album Avalanche to a live performance seemed to mainly take the form of playing louder and faster and as a result the band comes across a lot heavier live then on their album.

It takes a lot of courage for a band in the early stages of their career to take the long trip to Cairns to play a show and whilst the crowd was not huge, the 350 - 400 people that were there saw one of the best live performances in this city all year.

I think British India fans of Cairns showed their appreciation by having a good time and absolutely going off and after a reception like that I am sure they will be back again some time soon.....but oddly the band didn't play Beneath the Satellites?

check them out at their website