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Colin Hay Live @ Tanks Arts Centre

Many would know Colin Hay as the frontman of the legendary Australian band Men At Work and the man responsible for penning that song "Down Under" but his show at Tanks proved there is a whole lot more to the man, musically, spiritually and philsophical.

This show was not just songs but the stories behind them and other happenings along the journey of what has been Colin Hay's life so far. It must be his scottish heritage coming through that he has such a natural ability to engage the crowd in banter and carry a tune.

By the end of the night topics that were covered included, drug use ( yep there was plenty of that) growing up in Scotland and leaving to come to Australia, hanging with Paul McCartney (Hay does a good impression), Lawsuits and the death of Greg Ham and the audience was left with the feeling this was just a fraction of the stories emerging from a life lived to the full.

A lot has happend musically since Hay's band Men At Work ceased to exist and he has released a number of solo recordings including 2011's Gathering Mercury whose songs were included in the set along with the classics, which he admits he has little interest in playing but isnt stupid enough not to.

The songs are so well crafted with such a great depth of feeling and executed live so skillfully that the crowd was left in no doubt as to the musicianship and lyrical ability of Hay...just one man with a guitar and 60 years of stories holding the audience entranced.

Most moving were the stories of his own father who it is obvious he loved so much and who the song "Family Man" which follows the course of the life he lived was written for.

Colin Hay's show was one of those rare experiences of joy tinged with sadness that by being there enriched your life by the words spoken and sung...Let's hope it's not too long before he visits Cairns again.

For more info on Colin Hay or to buy some of his music visit his website www.colinhay.com