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Eskimo Joe Live @ Tanks

by Nik Zanetich (words and images)


Eskimo Joe delivered a solid set during last Saturday’s gig. The sold-out show was the main attraction in the Cairns leg of their tour, showcasing their new album Wastelands and a number of other popular tunes.

The support act was the young local band The Young Art, who warmed up the audience for the big night ahead. This new band made big impressions with the listeners who were blown away by the quality of talent coming from such young faces.

Eskimo Joe began with the first track of Wastelands, a song titled Running Out of Needs. They then progressed into a number of tracks from the new album, and a decent amount of the old stuff to quench the audiences thirst.


Released in September, the latest album titled Wastelands was an independent release for the band which successfully sourced finance via popular crowd-funding platform, Pozible. This became Eskimo Joe’s sixth studio album since they started in the late 90’s.

We cannot wait to pledge our support for another album of sorts sometime in the future for even more great Australian rock music. You can find out about the recent content Eskimo Joe have been creating at their website www.eskimojoe.net