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Michael Franti Live @ Tanks

The first show of a new 18 month tour with a new album on the way is always a special one and Michael Franti brought the Tank down last night.

His mix of soulful pop reggae and political infused rock makes for a great mix of awareness and solidarity with a good dose of peace and love thrown into the mix as well.

No one leaves a Franti show without feeling uplifted and positivity and tonite was no different.



Once a Day

Sound Of Sucnshine


Yell Fire

Just To say I love You

Summertime wont last long

Only Thing Missing Was You

Its Good To Be Alive

Summertime Is In Our Hands


Show me Your Peace Sign

Flower In The Gun

You're No 1


Stars on The Darkest Night

Hey World

Say Hey

Stay Human

My Lord