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Tim Freedman Live @ Tanks Review

words and images Nik Zanetich

Tim Freedman's bubbly commentary on life was projected over an equally bubbly audience who filled the Tanks Art Centre on Saturday, the 2nd of June.

The support act Jordan Brodie very capably kept the crowd entertained and primed for Freedman. The close affinity he has with his guitar metaphorically shone brighter than the backlit stage as he performed a number of skilful originals which blew away the crowd. Playing more like a seasone performer rather than the high school student which he is.

However, an entirely different rhythm was discovered with the entrance of Tim onto the stage which meant the rest of the night was reserved for political and social remarks in the form of piano rifts, haunting vocals, and wit.

The name of the tour – Fireside Chat, managed to cover subjects ranging from Triple J and a 'communist ABC', to takeaway shops, dating, Parramatta, emotional yearning, and salad rolls. Basically, a collaboration of cuttings Freedman has made in his life pasted sporadically onto a page of approximately two short hours.

It was a night smartly contrasted everywhere between the deeply reminiscent and the upbeat brilliant. Tim and his piano were able to really connect with the crowd with creative new solo work, his classics from The Whitlams era and of course supllemented by the interspersion of his iconic tongue-in-cheek commentary.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable night.