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by Eoin Colfer


‘Plugged’, is an adults only novel from Eoin Colfer,  the acclaimed bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl  series. Labelling the book  “Adults Only”,is by no means an indication of the nature of the story.

‘Plugged’ is set in a seedy and  somewhat sad world of Casinos, cop killing cops, a-moral lawyers and the Mob but despite this the story is told in a very gentle and humerous way along the same lines as ‘Artemis Fowl’ which will delight Colfer’s fans.

Instead of pixies and fairies though, we have another kind of underworld altogether, in which our hero Dan McEvoy is forced to rescue and help those around him who get themselves into trouble, whether he wants to or not (he just can’t help himself, as pointed out by his shrink).

Dan is ex army and ex Irish as a son of the Old Country who has tried to escape his past and settle into a quiet life as a bouncer in a third rate casino in New Jersey. Things get complicated for Dan when his sometime girlfriend is found dead outside of his workplace and he is up there on the list of suspects, plus his best friend, backstreet plastic surgeon, Zeb has gone missing and once the police look into his past and all of that specialist army training....

Dan McEvoy’s skills soon come in handy though when he becomes involved in the investigation( he involves himself, actually) and the story takes more than a few twists and turns as we go along with Dan through a wild and exhausting couple of days to get to the bottom of Connie’s murder and the question of whether or not Zeb will be found alive or if he’ll remain an annoying voice in Dan’s head forever.

‘Plugged’ is a thoroughly enjoyable, fast paced and humerous crime novel which is well worth a read. If you’re already a fan of Eoin Colfer and the Artemis Fowl series you won’t be disappointed in this new offering and we can only hope that as before he delivers more in this genre for his audience.

‘Plugged’ by Eoin Colfer is available from Hachette Australia from May 11th RRP $29.99

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