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Powderfinger Footprints


Powderfinger and Dino Scatena

Dino Scatena’s rock biography of one of Australia’s favourite bands of the Noughties, Powderfinger is one of the best this genre has ever produced.

The Journey of the members from childhood to retirement in 2012 is documented in such a readable and interesting manner without the bullshit that often creeps into books of this type.

There are so many tales of the early days, the time spent on the road driving up and down the east coast of Australia trying to build a following, Bikies, Bondage Clubs, fights and of course drugs....the image of Bernard Fanning tripping off his head sitting in a tree writing song lyrics is forever etched into my mind.

Whilst the book mentions some significant events that would effect the band greatly I feel they are a little bit glossed over, things like Fanning’s Brothers death and the subsequence release of his solo album- there is some insight into how these things played out but all the answers are not in the book. Though Cogsy’s classic line “Mate if you want a fucking solo career, then go and have it.”

A few lessons that can be learnt from this book are the importance of a strong work ethic within a band...Powderfinger rehearsed basically from 10am – 4pm everyday of their career and the importance of getting a real photographer to take some photographs of your band early in your career.

Powderfinger: Footprints is one of the most beautifully designed books I have ever seen, printed on luscious paper with so many photographs spanning from their entire career and is just so much fun to read. If you are a fan you are going to love it so this is definitely one for the Christmas stocking.

If you were lucky enough to get one of the 2500 limited edition copies well done as I don’t think we will be seeing many in the stores.

On a final note one thing is plainly obvious Bernard fanning will be releasing a follow up to his hugely successful solo album Tea & Sympathy sometime soon....
Also don’t hold your breath for a book signing in the Queen St Mall anytime soon.


Powderfinger Footprints is out on the 8th of November

Paper back edition RRP:- $45

BUY Now from Gleebooks HERE

Hardcover Limited edition RRP:- $120

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