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Sunset Park

The stories and the characters in this novel develop slowly and are all the better for it.

Miles the son of a New York publisher and is an all round overachiever who has lost his way after a family incident which leads him to drop out of college and leave his old life behind.
His meanderings take him all across the country for years until a situation in Florida and a well timed letter from an old college friend inviting him to come and live in a squat house with him lands him back in New York.

Returning to New York to live in Sunset Park in Brooklyn forces Miles to re-evaluate why he left this life behind, why he hasn’t spoken to his parents for years and Miles Heller begins on a road of redemption.

The other characters who share the house with him are really periphery to his story but are all well formed and interesting characters, of course all with their own peculiar quirks and faults but as a reader you become interested in them, their past and their futures.

Sunset Park was a thoroughly enjoyable read right until the end where it seems the author prematurely ended the story almost as though he couldn’t be bothered seeing how all the character relationships would evolve.

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